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Anonymous asked:

Why is it that I want to taste my own cum so bad, then after I cum I just can do it. Help?!

Second time I’m asked.
Don’t try on your own. Or if you want, save some cum in the freezer for the wank/cum tasting session. Just make sure the cum you re-use is warm. Cold sperm is a turn off.
But you can try during a hot BJ session. Suck the guy, come on his cock and keep sucking. And make him come afterwards. F*cking hot and tasty!

Fucking hot BJ!


Anonymous asked:

FUCK I get so hard by dudes who truly loves cum, and not faking it

Ha ha!

I hate those fake horny guys who turn their heads at the very last minute so they won’t take the load in their mouth. Such a fucking waste of cum!

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